Le mot du Directeur
Le mot du Directeur
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Le mot du Directeur


Engineering's world is a world of perpetual challenges. I define this business as the starting point of turning ideas into reality, changing and shaping world material in order to benefit of humankind. To do so, the first step in that direction is to face and to overcome daily challenges by integrating technological and managerial innovation so as to stay more competitive while ensuring high quality of work.

In Oil and Gas industry in particular, supplying a reliable and clean source of energy remains a critical issue for the global economy. I’m convinced that an innovative company such as Proseen Consulting provides effective support to energy business actors in order to redefine their global strategy of investments for sustainable development.

Our contribution is to help our clients to keep in mind that issues such as non conventional crude oil, very deep offshore extracting, changing refining global strategy to match the market needs and environmental constraints, reassuring governments with a reliable shale gas production, improving health and safety at the top of their agenda and don't miss the boat of renewable energy that constitute key challenges that energy industry has to face for the next thirty or forty years.

To finish, I would like to say, that our major strength has always been our ambition, our vision and the dream that together we can build a better world.


General Manager
Proseen Consulting


Proseen est un acteur intégré sur tous les maillons de la chaîne Pétrolière et Gazière. A ce titre, nos prestations couvrent aussi bien les activités d’études d’ingénierie, la gestion des projets et la supervision des travaux de construction.

Compétences Proseen

PROSEEN est spécialisée dans la conception, l’optimisation et l’exploitation des unités de raffinage classiques (DA, DSV, HDT, Reforming) et des unités de conversion lourdes (DHC, FCC….). Nous intervenons de manière plus vaste sur tout procédé chimique, continu ou discontinu comprenant des effluents gazeux, liquides ou des solides.
PROSEEN demeure engagé dans les problématiques environnementales avec l’élaboration de processus innovants en audits énergétiques...

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